Manifeste Artisque de les parcourir

C'est un déclaration écrite et publique par laquelle je expose ma position esthétic et politique de la société de aujourd'hui. Un acte périphasique.


I invite you to see my conscience reflections with open mind, about the meaning of "refresh".

From 2002 until 2005, "I stood refreshing my mind", observing all around. Renewing my way to see the world. As an visual designer artist, I decided to make a dynamic web page, a multimedia art showing you a kind of art manifest with "refresh" frames. My intervention was to make this system working, without stops. The process refresh, works from him self along and repeat infinitely the own process according and depending of your Internet connections. At this time (2002) such an amount of frames warrant supported from providers and browsers.

Time goes by!...
To my astonishment, in 2007 I started to make "Children smiles" real, it was time for this virtual book. I'm trying to spread here good ideas in a simple and diverse way. To speak to Children, young and Old (to the bright world), to alert to what is obvious, to ask for help for the future, the generations to come.

"Children smiles" also known as "Smiles child" is a non-profit project and is/are getting improved and larger each day, thanks your initiative.

I'm also sponsoring, but just non-profit projects!

As far as it goes, I hope further you can open doors, give chances, love and be loved, perhaps like I'm doing in a grate sense of being.

...have fun!

Christina Isabel Schildknecht

Who is Christina? I am a 49 years old woman, double citizenship Swiss and Brazilian, born in São Paulo, living in Switzerland. I have a Bachelor degree of Arts & Design in Visual Communication sucessfully completed in Rio de Janeiro - 1990 at the 'Pontifícia Universidade Católica - Rio'. Since 1993 I'm working in Switzerland with Digital Files, first with Photography and later increasing my knowledge through Internet programming, what broth me afterwards to become an internet engineer and Webmaster. The development of this programming system from Children Smiles (that I call reflection) and project is my own creation, started at summer 2002 in Switzerland where is being developed long since, using "HTML refresh-programming" and "HTML Frame-programming". The best Browser to see my work is Mozilla 1.7.13 and a direct internet access connection. All rights reserved.


[To watch the most chapters use please the browser Mozilla1.7.13 - Installation Instructions below - and RealPlayer Web Page for 'Sun Watch' and 'Bright World']


:: Blue Blick ::
Blue Blick, a way to show from a short and a long distance, a different point of view and timing.
"You at your Browser looking this pixels and "me shooting photos"."
A color picture animation from Zurich.

Copyright Christina Schildknecht :: 2002

:: Tune ::
Can you manage to catch it?

"A particular postmodern self-made music production with early renaissance notes
(form of art)".

Copyright Christina Schildknecht :: 2002

:: To be ::
What is this?

"What can I be or not be?" - A small talk -
"In words, what can I be or not, without experiences, without fillings, without views... There is no meening, no life. It meens: "I feel, than I understand, therefore I exist. Close your eyes and look. Can you see? The things that have happened to you are those that influence you and the way you think and behave."

Copyright Christina Schildknecht :: 2002

:: Photosynthesis ::
The ability to understand another persons feelings, experiences, etc. in the whole of space and everything in it, including the earth, the planets and the stars and...

Copyright Christina Schildknecht :: 2002
published 2009

:: Sun watch ::
Watch it, watch over...

An virtual frame axis, around the clock - an chronometer.

Copyright Christina Schildknecht :: 2002
published 2008

:: Imagine?!!... ::
Create refreshing, for a better life
helping the Mother Nature

Copyright Christina Schildknecht :: 2002
published 2009

:: Bright World ::
"Whoever you are..." A Song - Copyright Allison Clark

:: Becoming Right ::
What became, has become, will become your duty!

Copyright Christina Schildknecht :: 2010

:: Little Birds ::
a little bird told me
...have a warm time, you all...

Copyright Christina Schildknecht :: 2010

:: Universal Declaration of Human Rights ::
Common standard of achievement —
for all peoples and all nations the whole world 'over

World Digital Libary
This Libary has the support of the
United Nations Educational,
Scientific and Cultural Organisation

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No one is allowd to represent my name or even this project - about this project and all involving my developing work. But, please feel free to connect us together in this network also under my e-mail address.

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